Directorate Of Teaching Quality Assurance

The majority of world universities practice the standards of teaching quality assurance (TQA) in order to assess, monitor and enhance the process of education, and to ensure that the education process achieves its objectives. Following from this, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kurdistan Regional Government KRG, perceived the urgent need to introduce the process of TQA at the universities of the Kurdistan region. The Directorate of Teaching Quality Assurance was established at the University of Sulaimani upon the recommendation of the General Directorate of Teaching Quality Assurance and Accreditation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.  

The Directorate of Teaching Quality Assurance has officially started its activities in 2010. It has successfully functioned so far and has had a positive impact on the process of education. The Directorate has an active role in improving educational process, enhancing students’ scientific abilities, and improving the educational capabilities of the teaching staff. This is achieved by the means of a number of mechanisms suggested by the Ministry as well as other faithful people to the TQA process.  

The Directorate is primarily engaged with establishing a relationship between each of: faculty deans and heads of individual departments; heads of departments and teaching staff; and teaching staff and students. The aims it to further enhance the process of TQA, which has, in turn, largely contributed to the enhancement of the quality of education and student learning experience. The activities of the Directorate have received very good feedback from learners and as such, the Directorate has decided to continue working as enthusiastically as ever so that it can further enhance the quality of education provided at the University of Sulaimani.