frequently asked questions

New students are referred to our university from the Central Admission Bureau of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – Kurdistan Regional Government. The students are accepted according to their preferences provided they gain the required marks needed for the colleges that they applied for.
There are twenty five colleges at the university in different fields including Medical Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Humanities, Law, Economics, Arts and Education.
Eight colleges of the University are based in different towns outside the main campus and outside the city of Sulaimani.
Teaching is conducted in English language in the medical colleges, and partially in English in the scientific colleges. The rest of the colleges conduct their teaching in a mixture of Kurdish, Arabic and English Languages except fro the English Department.
Currently, the university does not charge any tuition fees and students are given monthly allowance throughout their undergraduate years of studying at the university. All the students from outside the city of Sulaimani are housed in dormitories that belong to the university or rented by the university.
Studying is four years for Bachelors degree in most of the colleges except for the College of Medicine which is six years, and in the College of Pharmacy, Dentistry and Veterinary studying years are five years and Department of Architecture in the College of Engineering which is five years too.

Each student should complete all the credits and other requirements at his college before we award him the certificate of graduation.